Hello, my name is Niles and my purpose here on planet earth is to serve the environment and its beautiful people by contributing to greater harmony in our world. As someone who has come through dense mental obscuration and discovered natural means of healing and connection, I have become a valiant spirit, health, and wellness explorer. My acquired wisdom and experience has led the energy of my life into an exploration of health and wellness for our planet and for humanity. With a loving heart, my intention is to put my very best effort to each minute of every day. Knowledge and the feeling of helping our planet are my most valuable currencies. By truly connecting to our inner selves, I know that humanity can ameliorate our relationship with the planet while becoming happy, strong, and healthy.

I’ve explored and built upon my passions for the natural world, wellness, and health. As an author, I have articulated the lessons that meditation, yoga, and Mother Earth have taught me in an effort to help people to awaken their hearts and to discover an intuitive compass while contributing to unity on our planet. While working for Breath and Oneness yoga studio, I have been consistently surrounded by high vibrational beings that facilitate transformative conversation and growth. As a Crossfit trainer, I have coached people’s lives and explored the mechanics of health in human movement as well as optimized nutrition. I have lived in multiple different countries and gathered many different mindsets all of which hold truth and wisdom in themselves. My thirst for knowledge has led me to discover and routinely exercise a path of intuition, as well as yogic practices such as The Wim Hof Method, Meditation, Qi Gong, and many others which tune my consciousness with the song of Mother Earth.

I currently live in a small, self-sustainable travel home that I built to allow myself to live a lifestyle that enhances my learning and growth. As a project of sustainability and an exercise to immerse myself into the metaphysical components of reality, the freedom to live anywhere is truly an adventurous learning experience. I have acquired strong research and intuitive skills through both university and personal projects.

The Adventure of Truth is a project dedicated to increased harmony on our planet. Through exploration of meaning, truth, and opportunity we intend to take steps towards unifying our world and creating a sustainable future. Connecting as many people, movements, and networks to the common goal of healing the planet is the primary focus of The Adventure of Truth vision. My insight and passion is to grow the universal selfless intention of healing by connecting to and collaborating with other movements, networks, and people who share the same initiative. I am keenly interested to add strength by building permaculture landscapes at different project sites and other conscious community areas. My passion for sustainable agriculture and community healing combined with my intention of the highest and greatest good will serve for the greatest benefit on behalf of all.

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